UI interactions

If there is something that I like a lot in web applications, no matter what is the type of the project, is UI interactions. For me, the difference here is to show the user what is happening in the interface, not only as a simple animation but something functional.

When you work focused on front-end, it’s not hard to happen, and this happens a lot with me to rewrite the same code or one that is similar a couple of times. And for me, as more straightforward as the code is, more significant is my desire to have something ready-to-use.

With this concept in mind, plus my passion for CSS that some time ago, I decided to create the UI interactions project. The idea was to be something quick and straightforward. Something simple as copy and use it. I need to say that it’s been a while that I don’t work on the project, but soon I want to add some new interactions.

I hope this could help you! :)

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