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Thanks 2016

Two thousand and sixteen or 2016 as you prefer, it was a really crazy year. I changed job and I almost didn’t send talk proposals to conferences. Actually, I sent one, but I couldn’t follow with it. On the other hand, I could dedicate more time to my dear CSS Meetup.


When Felipe and I started organizing the meetup, sincerely we didn’t have idea what could happen and our thinking was: “Let’s try to make the first edition and if it was very bad, it was worth the attempt.”. We never think that one day we would have some partners with us.

The first partner was GeekHunter which is a company from south of Brazil and it came to Sao Paulo to help us. With an idea to invert the job interviews, for who don’t know, we strongly recommend, even more for whom already had a problem with recruitment proccess.

After some time, Caelum showed up. It’s a famous and really recognized school and it helps us in this subject: every person which is going to present or talk about something in the meetup, will have a complete assessory from the Caelum’s team (from content scope untill presentation mode).


Total number of participants per edition

Total number of attendances x absences per edition

More numbes

Editions 22
Subscribers 1460
Already went in a edition 990*
Average of absences 14.24%
Speakers 28
  • For sure this number is bigger than that.

And 2017..

… be a fantastic year for all of us! I will send more talk proposals to conferences. Or not. I’ll think in news for meetup. Or not. Maybe live the life, moment by moment, is the best thing to do.

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