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I always like to write: at school and college projects I always was responsible for this part and I was totally cool with that. When I decided to write on the internet, my initial idea was chose a subject, initially only techincal things but now everything, and try to write and learn more about it.

It’s really common you see some people that want to start to write something but they don’t do it or because the person is shy, or because they think they don’t have enough subjects to keep writing or, finally, because they think they are going to write about basic subjects, and they have fear about what people could think about it.

It’s time to change!

One simple tip: change your thought! Simple like that! Some reasons to motivate you to start writing:

  • learn and fix an existiing content.
  • learn something new.
  • documentate some solution, project or idea that you had and that could help other people.
  • a lot of others.


Some time ago, during an edition of FEMUG, I heard a really nice story about a guy that works abroad, and he was in a conference talking with some people about a bug that he faced in a project and after some tries, he could fixed. Right after he said that, a person asked him: “And where did you write/documentate about it?” And the silence remained.

I have a simple and sincere opinion about this subject. And I even talked about it with a friend of mine who had created a blog some time ago, wrote a initial post but he doens’t write anything more because he’s ashamed about what people could think.

I think you have write for you; to documentate something that you did or studied, to practice a new language (as I’m trying to do) or just because you want to write. You doing that, you share your knowledge and in a near future could help other people who are going to access your post.

There isn’t a fool or simple subject, as many people say. What is simple for you, it could be the solution for a lot of people.

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