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My to do list

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Print of the to do list of the Momentum extension
To do list of the browser extension

If there is something that I like is when a service or technology helps/improves your life’s quality. I think it’s awesome when it happens!

Sometime ago I started to search something that I could take notes about my personal tasks. First I looked only apps for smartphone but I really wanted something could be integrated between desktop and mobile.

At that time, I already used to use an extension for Chrome called Momentum: it adds a nice wallpaper with some features, like clock, a to do list and a quote, when you open a new tab. They just had launched the payed beta version which allowed the user some integrations and extra features. As it was something cheap, I decided to test.

Print of the to do list of the Google Task widget for smartphone
Print of the to do list of the Google Task widget

The first thing that I tested, and the most important, it was the integration between to do lists from Momentum and other apps. I tested all of them: Wunderlist, Todoist, Google Tasks and Trello. In the beginning I had some problems with the sync time. It took a lot of time and I even sent an email to the help support talking about it. After some tests, I decided to use Wunderlist, which was the app with faster sync. But recently, I changed to Google Tasks. It works the same way, but using the Google Tasks I can also integrate my calendar w/ my to do list widget.

So, this simple integration through an browser extension helped me a lot. I could create a new item in the widget in my smartphone and almost instantly it shows in the extesion when I open a new tab. How much? I think it’s US$ 2. For me, it’s worth it.

Besides the to do list, Momentum has some other features like: a list of links, a random quote and wallpaper (they’re REALLY nice) and these last days they launched a multi level to do list. I didn’t look at it yet. There is something, that according the extension, they will launch soon and I’m really excited about it, which is the integration with GitHub.

And no, they aren’t paying me to write this post (but it’s not a bad idea).

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