ES6: destructuring assignment

I met a great destructuring assignment through my brother Weslley Araujo, and I need to confess that I really liked it. It is nothing more than an expression that allows us to get data from objects or arrays in a much simpler way.

For we get a property of an object, we could do something like that:

With the new guy, we could do something like that:

With arrays

If we wanted to take the first item of an array, we could do something like:

With the fella destructuring, we could do:

It is still possible, play a bit more:

Using when importing files

A very cool thing to use destructuring assignment is when we need to import things to our files. Imagine we have a generic file, as a helpers, something like that:

Nice! In other file, let’s suppose that we need only these two functions, and not the entire file. So, let’s go:

Applying to forEach

We could use to in the famous forEach. So, if we have a data like that:

With this data, normally we could do something like that:

With the double of arrow-functions and destructuring, we got some powers:

Creating objects

We could create objects in this way:

But there is a new way much more fun. ◕‿◕

Here you can find an JS Bin with the examples.

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