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Front in Vale 2015

Last weekend ocurrend in São José dos Campos, the Front in Vale conference which is the first event from Vale do Paraíba focused in front-end and I was there talking about Development Culture.

About the event

In my opinion the event was great. I arrived there around 8:30 AM really hungry because afraid of being late, I did not take breakfast in São Paulo. So, I asked for a near bakery and I was surprised by the coffee break. \o/ A good point about the event is that parking of the hotel that was hosting the event was free; something that is almost impossible to happen in São Paulo.

There were no delays between the talks; and a good point about it is the good location of the hotel: there was a shopping mall in front of the event where the people could go have lunch.

The talks

Talking about Development Culture

The theme borned in a FEMUG, a talk edition and the talk is about some concepts related to the theme and some items applied on Netshoes day by day.

Link of the talk

Dynamic Style Sheets

The Guilherme Souza showed in his talk about your carrer and about your new cool project called DSS, that brings a big and interactive power to CSS (link of the example).

Link of the talk

Material Design Lite

The Nelson Vasconcelos, who is a Google UI/UX expert, talked about the Material Design Lite. He passed by all the points of the project: from the conceptual explanation of colors, animations and typography to how to apply in the web.

Waiting the link of the talk

Front-End Development Locaweb

In this talk, Deivid Marques showed a little bit about the day by day and organization of the Locaweb Front-End team.

Link of the talk

Throttle & Debounce Patterns in Web Apps

In my opinion this talk is one of the best that I’ve ever seen of Almir Filho. He showed two very cool concepts that could help us to solve some perfomance problems.

Link of the talk

AngularJS Style Guide

Willian Fernandes talked about a structure that he created for an application using AngularJS and ES6 and showed how this structure facilitated the maintenance, developing and tests.

Link of the talk

What they did not tell you about preprocessors

Edu Matos showed in his talk talk about how preprocessors are useful tools but that could cause big damage if not used with caution.

Link of the talk

Flexbox and Grid Layout: How you will structure layouts tomorrow.

This was the talk that I really wanted to see. The master Diego Eis showed how Grid Layout in someday comes to help our lifes.

Link of the talk

That comes the next…

I want to thank the event organization on behalf of Palloi for the invitation. That’s it guys! See you! o/

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