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A different week

Almost two years that I and Felipe Fialho organize the Meetup CSS; it was also around this time that I got courage and sent my first talk proposal.

Luckily, the proposal was accepted and my first talk was in the same week of the first edition of CSS meetup. Since this week, I started to have more interest in the comunity and conferences; I also try to go to every meetup and conference that I can, as a listener or speaker, and not only in São Paulo but in other states too.

After some time, I could list some things as:

  • Wake up early in a saturday and stay all day long in a conference.
  • Spend money in tickets and flights/fuel/hotel (for conferences in other states).
  • Organize a for free meetup and some times need to spend money on it.

And yet, I see much more positive points.

A front-end and UX week

Talking about conferences, let’s go to it: if you like or want to start to go in one, the last week of june will be a diferent week from the others. In a same week will happen Front UX, Meetup CSS, Code in the Dark and Front in Sampa.

Saturday - 25/06

  • Sampa JS
  • The only conference focused only on JavaScript in São Paulo city. It was the first event that I went and certainly one of the best cost-benefit ratio talking about conferences.
  • More info here.

Monday - 06/27

As far I know, maybe we will have something here! :)

Tuesday - 06/28

  • Project born from the need to join the front end developers of São Paulo, and then became a collective idea, so that access to information is done everywhere where has learning interest.
  • More info here.*

Wednesday - 06/29

  • Front UX
  • A meetup to meet designers and developers to discuss how to improve workflows in both areas. Soon they shall disclose the information about this edition.
  • More info here.*

Thursday - 06/30

  • Meetup CSS
  • It aims to discuss and learn more about CSS in an extrovert environment which could encourage everyone to participate.
  • This will be the biggest edition of the meetup with 2 talks and 150 participants.
  • More info here.

Friday - 07/01

  • Code in the Dark
  • It’s an international event and it will occur for the first time in Brazil. The main attraction are the battles among participants who must develop a page using HTML and CSS but with no preview.
  • More info here.

Saturday - 07/02

  • Front in Sampa
  • A conference focused in front-end, that could be considered on of the traditional web development conferences in São Paulo, reaches its fifth edition and keeps the tradition of bringing a grid of well-diversified talks.
  • More info here.

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